Academic Records

Many of our services begin right here online, including ordering enrollment verifications and transcripts as well as applying to graduate. Browse the navigation to the left for the appropriate links for the process you need.

For immediate service, please visit the Enrollment Services Center on your campus or call 404-413-2900.

Records Access

PAWS is Georgia State’s online system for the majority of your records and information needs, including viewing financial aid status and awards; viewing statements and payments of tuition and fees; viewing registration information, unofficial transcripts and final grades; and ordering official transcripts and enrollment verifications.

Students may make all of their records and information accessible to parents or others by sharing their PAWS access information.  To revoke the third party access, a student will need to change their PAWS access information (pin number).

For all other records and information that students may be given access to, based on FERPA policy, third parties may also be given access, upon the written consent of the student. This can be done by completing one of two forms:

  1. For documents and information from the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts, the Enrollment Services Division Consent to Release Records to Third Parties form [PDF] must be used.
  2. For all other departments, the Non-Enrollment Services Division Consent to Release Records to Third Parties form [PDF] may be used. One form should be completed for each department to which access is being given and returned to that department.

To be valid, the consent form must include the following:

  • Identification of the records which may be disclosed;
  • Identification of a person or class of persons to whom disclosure may be made;
  • Time period for which consent is applicable;
  • The signature of the student and date of request.

The consent form must be completed and signed by the student and turned in to the office in which consent is being given. Please note that parents and third parties must follow the same university access policies as the student. Completing this form does not give direct access to the PAWS system.

The Office of the Registrar requires all students, parents and  third parties to complete a Request for Access to Student Records form [PDF] prior to accessing any official student record/information housed within the Office of the Registrar. For parents and other third parties, this form must be accompanied by a Consent Release to Third Parties form unless the release form is already on file in the office. Again, please note that completing this form does not give third parties direct access to the PAWS system. As noted above, access to PAWS may only be given by the student.

To revoke authorization of an open-ended Third Party Consent Form, a student must complete a Third Party Revocation of Authorization for Third Party Access [PDF] for each department that was previously given access and return a form to each department.

Familiarize yourself with the federal Family Educational Rights and Policy Act (FERPA) guidelines. Find more information through the U.S. Department of Education’s Family Policy & Compliance Office.

Student Information Suppression

If you would like to deny access to your records by any third party, please fill out a Request for Student Information Suppression form [PDF]. Your name and contact information will not be printed in the university directory, nor will we verify your information for third parties, such as for enrollment or degree verification. In these cases, you will need to send a letter to the Office of the Registrar authorizing release to a specific party.