Grading for Faculty

At the close of each semester, faculty must use the PAWS web portal to submit grades.

Within PAWS:

  1. Select Grading under the GoSOLAR section from the Home Page
  2. Select Submit Grades
  3. Select CRN
  4. Enter ALL grades on your class roster. You must enter a grade for each student listed on your roster.
    • Note: Enter a grade even if the student WITHDREW. (The date is on the roster.)
    • Degree-seeking undergraduates who withdrew must be given a grade of PW (Pending Withdrawal). The grade of PW will be changed to either W or WF depending on how many withdrawals the student has used. Graduate students and non-degree-seeking undergraduates who withdrew must be given either a W or a WF.
    • If you assign a grade of “F” to a student, please enter the last date of attendance in the date field on the grade submission page.
  5. Save grades. (Hint: Click the save button often to prevent being timed out.)
  6. Grading Status will show “Completed” when all grades have been submitted. A grading status of “In Progress” signifies that a grade (s) and/or last date of attendance is missing.

Note: A grade cannot be recorded for a student who is not on your class roster.

Do a Final Check:  To ensure that you have submitted grades for all your courses and students, click on the ‘View Grade Submission Status’ link on GoSolar:

  • Select a term
  • All courses assigned to you will be listed. If there is a “yes” under the submitted column, you have successfully submitted your grades.
  • If “no” appears, click on the course CRN and enter the grades. Once the grades have been entered, the status will change to “yes”.
  • If you assign an “F” to a student, please enter a last date of attendance in the date field on the grade submission page.

Please submit all grades on time. Please save yourself and your department extra work by submitting all of your grades by the deadline.

An “NR” grade – no grade reported – will be entered by the Office of the Registrar for all grades not submitted by the deadline.

Non-reported grades cause many issues for students to progress:

  • Students cannot register for courses that have a prerequisite.
  • Students’ financial aid eligibility and progress cannot be determined for their upcoming semester.
  • Students cannot report accurate academic standing and could be restricted in their continuous enrollment and for outside scholarships.
  • Student’s academic records and transcripts will not be updated, and they may be unable to transfer or receive additional funding from an employer.
  • Candidates for graduation may not have their degrees conferred and may not be eligible to continue their education, gain employment or become certified in their field.

Please prevent these problems for your students, by submitting grades on time. Grade deadlines for each term are posted on the Academic Calendar.

If an “NR” grade is entered the instructor will have to submit a Grade Change Request via the new workflow process to have the grade changed from an NR to the appropriate grade. Please note: Your department chair and college dean will be informed of all missing grades.

Grade Change Request (New Process)

After official grading for the term has occurred, grade changes must be submitted by signing on to the secured faculty portal on PAWS/Go SOLAR. The Grade Change Request Information Sheet and the official link can be obtained on the site. Please follow all steps for the grade change request process.

If you miss the deadline and have to submit a late grade (NR grade), you must log in to PAWS and select the Classes tab to access the “Grade Change Request” link.

The new Workflow has automated the grade change process to create more efficient operations and will provide the following benefits:

  • Decrease grading time by allowing auto-update in Banner (once all necessary approvals have been received)
  • Allow faculty to make grade adjustments significantly faster by initiating requests via PAWS
  • Significantly minimize grading errors
  • Provide faculty and student instant confirmation once the request has been processed

All grade change requests must be submitted through workflow, with the exception of the following:

  • Requests to extend an incomplete grade
  • Requests to change withdrawal grades
  • Requests to change grades for courses taken prior to Fall 2002

These types of grade change requests must be submitted to Academic Records via email at the new email listed on the Grade Change Request Informational Sheet in PAWS.

Effective Tuesday, October 14, 2014, the former grade adjustment email is no longer an active email.

Again, please save yourself and your department extra work by submitting all grades by the deadline.