Undergraduate students who have retaken courses and earned a higher grade may request to have the first grade excluded from their institutional GPA under the Repeat-to-Replace policy. If the request is approved, the Office of the Registrar will make appropriate notations next to the original course on the student’s official transcript. Grades for all attempts of the course will appear on the student’s official transcript regardless of whether or not the grade has been excluded from the student’s GPA. This policy has no effect on any GPA requirements set by state or federal laws/regulations (such as the GPA requirements set by the HOPE scholarship program). A copy of the request and approval will become part of the student’s permanent record file. The attempt to repeat a course must be made in Fall 2011 or thereafter. Students who have repeated courses prior to this date will not be allowed to delete earlier attempts from their GPA calculation. Units may prohibit students from repeating certain courses.

An undergraduate student may request to have a grade excluded from GPA computation under the following conditions:

  • Before requesting to apply the repeat-to-replace policy, a student must have retaken the same undergraduate course (or the renumbered substitute for that course) at Georgia State and earned a higher grade in the course retaken.
  • No more than a total of four course grades (from four different courses) may be replaced and excluded from the student’s GPA.
  • Once a request has been approved the request cannot be revoked or reversed.
  • This policy applies only to the first recorded grade in a course that a student has repeated. For example, suppose that a student took a course three times. The student may use the second or third grade to replace the first grade. The student may not use the third grade to replace the second grade.
  • Only grades that are part of a student’s GPA may be replaced. For example, grades of W, S, and U cannot be replaced.
  • This policy does not apply if the original grade was assigned as a result of a violation of the Academic Honesty policy. (The University maintains internal records of violations of the Academic Honesty policy. In addition, in some cases, violations of the Academic Honesty policy are noted on the transcript. Whether the violation is recorded internally or on the transcript, a student may not replace a grade that was awarded as a result of a violation of the Academic Honesty policy.)
  • The Repeat-to-Replace policy applies only to degree-seeking students pursuing their first undergraduate degree at Georgia State.
  • Students may not use this policy to replace grades awarded prior to semester conversion.
  • A graduating student in their final semester may request a repeat to replace for a course repeated during the intended semester of graduation within the first two weeks of the start of the semester. Such requests will only be honored if the student needs a higher grade in the course to graduate and the course was previously taken.
  • Repeat-to-Replace applications must be submitted after the repeated course is graded for all students not in their final semester.

Please confirm that the final grade for the course you repeated has been posted to your academic record. Forms cannot be processed until a final grade is posted. Please refer to the Academic Calendar on when final grades are posted for each term. Forms will be accepted after that time.

View the Repeat-to-Replace Policy and Application