Grant Access to Third Party and Request Student Records

Online Third Party Authorization Form

Third parties may be given access to all or part of a student’s records and information upon request of the student.  A student may provide access to a third party by completing the online third party authorization form.

If you were previously a student and do not have a CampusID, use the Consent to Release to Third Party Forms to provide a third party with authorization to view your records.

Requesting Access to Student Records

For copies of records, The Office of the Registrar requires all students, parents and third parties to complete a Request for Access to Student Records form prior to accessing any official student record/information housed within the Office of the Registrar. For parents and other third parties, this form must be accompanied by a Consent to Release to Third Parties form unless the release form is already on file in the office. Again, please note that completing this form does not give third parties direct access to the PAWS system.