Fall 2020 Final Exam Atlanta and Perimeter Campus

Final Exams
As many of you know the ever-changing status of this pandemic has substantially impacted University operations in many ways, only one of which is the academic schedule. Planning for the fall semester exam schedule is complete at this time. Considering the social distancing requirements in place, classroom space for in-person final exams is limited. To host the exam face to face we are expected to have a space that will allow the social distancing expectations to be met. With that in mind, most final exams will take place online as a general guideline. However, we have worked to provide guidance on creative testing strategies and proctoring options to help ensure academic integrity. Details on Exams are available per campus at the PDF links below. 

Atlanta Campus

Perimeter Campus

  • Face to Face (F): Final exams will take place in person – the schedule will be that of the regular on-site semester – Details are available on the PDF above for your appropriate campus. See assigned dates and times as noted for your course section. Exams will take place in the regularly scheduled classroom spaces with few exceptions. Exceptions will be communicated through the individual professor to the students in their class.
  • Blended (B): Final exams will take place online as a general guideline. However, faculty were given the option to request in person examinations. Faculty who requested an exemption to this guideline have been assigned space on site for their exam periods. Details for these exceptions are available through the individual professor and should be communicated to the students in their class.
  • Online (O): Final exams for online classes will take place online.
    • Synchronous online courses:  The professor may choose to use the assigned time and day on the exam schedule for the normal course meetings. This should be specified in the course by the professor.
    • Asynchronous online courses: Each professor controls the exam window for their fully online course. We request that exams are made available for at least 48 hours to accommodate possible overlap with other courses in a student’s academic schedule. Where appropriate, professors will provide a rubric for students to help ensure an understanding of grade expectations.

General Exam Period Expectations:
• Exam periods for each class / section are expected to be 2.5 hours in length when face to face.
• If exams are not a formal testing period, this does not exempt the class from a final project or assignment associated with the class and the appropriate contact time requirements. This expectation will be set forth in the syllabus for each course / section.