All of the basic registration functions are done online through the PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) system. Continue through these pages for tutorials on how to register for a course, how to drop a course, how to view your current schedule, and to troubleshoot any error messages you might be seeing.

For additional help with the registration process, please contact the Enrollment Services Center.

All set for next semester?

Start next semester off right by completing ALL the steps of the enrollment process in PAWS!

Step 1: Run a program evaluation to review remaining course requirements and schedule advisor appointments as necessary
Step 2: Register for classes
Step 3: Check financial aid requirements for eligibility and accept aid
Step 4: View and pay charges on PantherPay
Step 5: Print your course schedule

Also, be sure to check your student e-mail often for important messages and print a copy of the Academic Calendar for semester dates and deadlines. You can also print a copy of these steps [PDF] for easy reference.