ARCHE Cross Registration Program

Georgia State University students may enroll in courses offered by member institutions of the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) under a cross registration program agreement.  Students who wish to cross register must meet all eligibility requirements under the ARCHE agreement and the University.  Courses taken through Cross Registration are considered resident credit.

Students should only work with their home institution’s Cross-Registration Coordinator.  Contact information for Cross-Registration Coordinators can be found here:

The ARCHE Cross Registration Program application is now online.  Beginning September 1, 2020, only the online application will be accepted.  Please click the link below to access the online application.

Click for the Online Application


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Semester: April 15 

Student Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be in good standing and have a minimum Georgia State University cumulative GPA of 2.0 and the required GPA to enroll in the Georgia State course which is most similar to the course the student wishes to cross register.
  • Students must be concurrently enrolled in at least one Georgia State course.
  • Students must meet prerequisites for requested course(s) as defined by Georgia State University and the host institution.
  • Students must meet the host institution’s immunization and health requirements.
  • First-semester freshmen may not cross register (unless cross registering in courses for purposes of ROTC training or marching band).  

ARCHE Restrictions

Students may not cross register for a course if:

  • They are an Associates (2-year undergraduate, Perimeter College) student.
  • The course is offered at Georgia State that semester.
  • The course has been previously attempted at Georgia State (including attempts which resulted in a withdrawal or an unsatisfactory grade).
  • The course or an appropriate substitute is routinely available at Georgia State (that is, offered each semester or on a specified regular basis, such as every fall).  Determination of whether the course is routinely available is made by the advisement office in consultation with the chair or director of the academic unit that offers the course.
  • The College and/or degree program has restrictions or departmental requirements for the specific course.
  • The student expects to graduate from Georgia State University during the semester the student wishes to cross register a course.
  • Students are limited to two cross-registered courses per semester, and the combined course load at Georgia State University and the host institution may not exceed the student’s maximum credit limit sent by the home institution.
  • The student’s transfer credit, previous cross registration credit, and credit by examination applicable to their degree program would exceed 75 percent of their degree requirements.

ARCHE Procedures

  • Students who wish to cross register must complete the online application and follow all instructions given. Once the application has been completed, students will provide their Academic Advisor with the link they receive.
  • Students can apply to only one institution per term.
  • Students must complete a new ARCHE Cross Registration Application for any subsequent term.
  • Students who wish to take academic courses at an ARCHE institution must obtain written approval in advance from the Student Advisement Center or the Office of Academic Assistance in the student’s college.  Course outlines (syllabi) and catalog information may be required so content can be evaluated before approval is granted by the Office of Academic Assistance.
  • Students are not allowed to pre-register in courses they wish to cross register.  Once all approvals have been obtained, the host institution’s Cross Registration Coordinator will register students for the approved course(s) on a space-available basis after the host institution’s regularly enrolled or continuing students have had first priority for registration.  The host institution’s Cross Registration Coordinator will inform the student of approval and registration status via the student’s email account.
  • Georgia State University’s students will pay Georgia State University’s tuition and fee rates via PAWS.  However, special fees (lab fees, parking and equipment lease) and security deposits must be paid to the host institution.
  • The student is responsible for clearing all holds prior to the end of ARCHE registration period.  Failure to clear all holds will result in the student not being registered for the term.  The ARCHE coordinator has to be notified by the student when all holds are cleared.
  • The student is responsible for verifying registration while participating in the ARCHE program.  Your name will appear on the class roll and also reflect on your student registration PAWS account.
  • Students must abide by all host institutions’ policies and schedules regarding grades, exam dates, absences, and add/drop/withdrawal deadlines. To withdraw/drop from a course, both Georgia State University and the host institution’s withdrawal procedures must be followed. Changes in registration must be approved by Georgia State University and the host institution’s Cross Registration Coordinators.
  • Upon completion of the course, the host institution’s Cross Registration Coordinator will send a final transcript to Georgia State University. Students who receive a grade of Incomplete at a host institution should recognize that the time limit for removal of a grade of Incomplete must not exceed Georgia State University’s deadline for removal of a grade of incomplete.  It is the student’s responsibility to request an official transcript from the host institution once the grade of Incomplete has been satisfied and a final grade has been assigned.

Information for Advisors

  • When a student has completed their part of the cross-registration application, they will receive an email with a link to their application. The student will be instructed to forward that email to their Academic Advisor.
  • Advisors should click on the link in the forwarded email from the student to access the student’s cross registration application. Click Next Page to see the information required from Advisement.
  • Complete the section labeled “This section to be filled out only by Academic Advisor”.
  • If the student is approved, please sign and submit the application.  If the student is denied, do not sign and submit.  Please contact the student to communicate decision and provide next steps to be approved in the future.