Auditing A Class

Enrolled students who wish to audit a course must get approval from the Academic Department offering the course by submitting a Class Audit Request in PAWS. Students should not pre-register for courses they wish to audit.  Any tuition and fees for auditing a class are assessed just as they are for courses taken for credit. Any requirements for prerequisites must be satisfied before registering to audit a course. No academic credit is earned in this status. Audit status is not covered by financial aid or most scholarship programs that cover tuition charges, and audit hours do not apply toward full-time enrollment. Students may not transfer from audit to credit status or vice-versa after the end of Late Registration.  Students may not request to enroll in an Audit status for any course after Late Registration has ended.

How to submit a Class Audit request:

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Once logged in, click the menu icon at the top left of the page and select ‘Web Services’ to view more menu options
  3. Select ‘Registration Menu’
  4. Select ‘Class Audit Request’ from the menu options and you will be taken to the Class Audit Request form.
  5. Select a term in which you want to Audit a course an enter the CRN for the course. Click ‘Submit’.
  6. The course you have entered will appear on the screen. Confirm the information entered is correct and ‘Submit’ your request to audit the course.
    If your request has been submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation message at the top page the page.
  7. The academic department offering the course will review your request and decide to approve or deny your request. You will be notified via your PantherMail Student Email Account. If your request is approved, the course will be added to your class schedule in an Audit status. If your request is denied, your request will not be processed, and the reason will be included in the email notification.