The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Georgia State Office of the Registrar closely monitor each veteran student’s enrollment status and progression toward degree completion.

Steps to ensure successful enrollment at Georgia State University:

  • Run an Academic Evaluation in PAWS and meet with your academic advisor each semester prior to registration. The VA will not pay for courses that do not apply toward your degree.
  • Register for courses in PAWS.
  • View and pay charges that are not covered by the GI Bill educational benefits via Panther Pay.
  • Check with the Office of Financial Aid for requirements for eligibility. Some programs, such as the HOPE scholarship, athletic scholarships, or the GSU-62 tuition waiver, will have an effect on how your benefits are applied.

Once your registration schedule has been finalized, submit enrollment by completing the gVerify form. Begin the process by clicking on the logo below.  You will need to attached your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA also. This form must be submitted each semester that you intend to use your GI Bill Educational Benefits at Georgia State University. Click the image below to log in to the gVerify system.


gVerify Priority Deadlines

Semester Priority Deadline
Fall August 1
Spring December 1
Summer April 1

Submit the gVerify form by the deadline to avoid delays in receiving VA Educational Benefits. If you make changes to your registration schedule, you must notify the Office of the Registrar. Unreported changes to your schedule may result in delays in receiving your benefits or cause a debt that you will be responsible for repaying to the VA.

Important: Once a student’s enrollment has been certified at the VA, the University is required to return any tuition and fee payments received from the VA if:

  1. the student drops all courses on or before the first day of the term.
  2. the student does not attend any classes for which he/she was certified, regardless of the reason for non-attendance.

If courses are withdrawn after the first week of the semester, the student is responsible for repaying the tuition expenses to the VA.

Determining Your Status

Notify the Georgia State Office of the Registrar under any of these conditions:

  • If changes in your enrollment status occur due to an increase or decrease in hours, please notify the Office of the Registrar within 30 days.
  • As a courtesy, if you decide to stop attending classes for a term or more, please notify the Office of the Registrar. Notification may be made verbally or in writing.
  • Notify the Office of the Registrar if you change your degree program or major.
  • Upon earning 45 credit hours, you must declare a major and notify the Office of the Registrar of your decision.
  • When your educational benefits have terminated, notify the Office of the Registrar.
  • If you have a change of address, notify the federal Department of Veterans Affairs first, then, the Georgia State Office of the Registrar.